At Canaley Process Equipment we are ready to help you down the road with installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrade. Not only will we suggest the best course of action, but we are willing the help you follow through.

If you order a Lightnin product, we are ready to help provide all the quality service that Lightnin offers. Our Sales Engineers attend regular Lightnin Operation and Maintenance Seminars.

Lightnin also offers its Lightnin Process Equipment Services (LPES) for the fastest route to uptime. This program comes with the expertise, certified technicians, parts, and warranty to ensure that your mixer is in good hands when it comes time for service, whether expected or not. Learn More>>

To assist our customers in the field, Alfa Laval offers customized on-site training seminars designed to meet your maintenance and heat recovery needs.

Whether your company uses Alfa Laval heat exchangers or a competitor’s brand, we can provide on-site performance and maintenance audits for your equipment. We can also reduce your utility costs by helping to identify other locations at your facility where our products could be used to recover energy and reduce operating cost. Learn More>>

To assist our customers in the field, Sweco offers customized on-site training seminars designed to meet your maintenance and screening needs.

To assure that your Sweco equipment continues to give you years of trouble-free operation consider having one of our trained technicians evaluate your Sweco equipment. During these detailed audits we will identify possible maintenance items that need to be addressed and also make suggestion to help optimize your equipment for higher flow rates and/or efficiencies. Learn More>>


Lightnin’s repair services are quick and reliable, with certified technicians installing factory-authorized parts so you know that your replacement gearboxes, mechanical seals, steady bearings, machine assemblies, impellers, shafts, and all portable units are installed to factory specifications. These services can be done either on-site or at Lightnin’s local service center located in Delavan, Wisconsin. (Note: All equipment must be accompanied by an Authorized Equipment Return Form.)

Exchange Services

Lightnin’s exchange services are the quickest way to get back up and running when a breakdown or problem occurs. Selected reducers, portable units, and mixer subassemblies are kept in stock – ready for immediate exchange at regional service centers. Just give us a call and Lightnin can configure an assembly and have it shipped in under 24 hours. Even better, if you send the damaged assembly back to Lightnin within 30 days you receive a discounted price.

Additional Services

Lightnin wants to aid you through the whole life of your mixer, to this end they offer installation management services with LPES technicians to oversee the on-site installation and ensure equipment is installed to Lightnin specifications.


Alfa Laval offers everything from its “TurnKey” service to simple as-needed” repairs… and the choice is up to you. If you don’t have the time to repair your plate heat exchanger, Alfa Laval will repair it with its experts. If you opt for the “TurnKey” service, all freight and other logistics are covered from your site to Alfa Laval’s service facility and back. After service has been performed, your heat exchanger is returned, properly assembled and hydro-tested, and ready to re-install. Alfa Laval has recently opened a Midwest Service and Repair Center located in Greenwood, Indiana.

The three levels of Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger service include:

Level 1: Basic

Provided either on-site or in one of our Service Centers: Plate Heat Exchanger is opened; plates are hydro-blasted clean while hanging in the frame; Plate Heat Exchanger is then properly reassembled.

Level 2: Standard

Performed in one of our Service Centers, steps include Gasket removal; chemical plate cleaning; and new gasket bonding.

Level 3: Premium

Performed in an Alfa Laval Service Center, this process includes all services available with the Standard level plus detailed crack detection inspection of
each plate.

Hydraulic Closing System

When dealing with plate heat exchangers that include a large number of plates, it is often very difficult to use any type of manual wrench to close the unit, this is where Alfa Laval employs its hydraulic closing system. The system uses four center-hole cylinders, positioned at the corners of the plates and their frames. The system can be used in either opening or closing and each cylinder delivers 60 tons of force over a distance of 3 inches. All at the push of a button.

Pneumatic tightening device

The SG-80 pneumatic maintenance tool is a universal pneumatic tightening device to open and close plate heat exchangers with ease and efficiency. The SG-80 is available in single and double models that include a pneumatic wrench, air hose, compressed air unit, and carrying case.

Electric tightening device

The RPG-80 electric maintenance tool is ideal for loosening and tightening the bolts on your plate heat exchanger when compressed air isn’t an option. This maintenance tool is supplied with a carrying case.


Sweco RepairPlus repairs your motion generators as good as new

Guaranteed repairs

We warranty our repair work for six full months, with an optional 12-month extended warranty.

Free Inspection

We’ll inspect your motion generator, tell you what’s wrong, and provide a firm repair quote. Then you choose whether you want it repaired or replaced with a rebuilt or new model.

Quick Response

Our fast service minimizes downtime.

Free Breakdown analysis

We include an analysis of why your motion generator failed and tell you how to avoid future failures.

Latest field-tested improvements

We bring your motion generator up to current specs and recommend accessories or modifications to increase service life.

ASAP authorized parts

We use only Authorized Sweco Aftermarket Parts for trouble-free performance.

Free installation advice

The latest Operations, Maintenance, and Specifications manual and an instruction sheet are included to ensure proper reinstallation.

The industry’s only guaranteed OEM rebuilds

Satisfaction is assured when your Sweco motion generator is remanufactured by the originators. Sweco quality rebuilds are warranted for 6 months, 12-month extended warranty is optional.

Clean, modern repair facilities

Repairs are made by factory-trained technicians in clean, state-of-the-art facilities – ensuring that your motion generator is repaired to optimum performance.

The Sweco Technology Centre located in Florence, Kentucky, the center has been set up to provide comprehensive separation and grinding test analysis of most materials.

With the use of our wide range of test machines, Sweco can determine process feasibility and provide detailed sieve Analysis or Particle size Analysis of the materials before and after processing. with our “scaling” capabilities, we can also determine capacities on various machine sizes.

Pilot Plant

Requirement: The Pilot Plant can handle wet or dry test samples of nearly any size or volume.
Objective: Each Pilot Plant test objective is to determine the feasibility, mesh sizes, capacity, efficiency, optimal settings, and machine size.

Particle Lab

The Particle Lab consists of four services: Particle Analysis, Optical Screen Comparison, Moisture Analysis, and Sieve Analysis. The interpretation of tests is considered in the Particle Lab. Whether the test requires an analysis of the application’s particle distribution or the shape of the material itself, the Particle Lab can perform the task quickly, effectively, and accurately.

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